Keeping you informed is a cornerstone of this campaign.

Recycling Myths & Mysteries Solved

Are you a wish-cycler who adds items to the bin with hopes they will find their way into the recycling stream? Would you like to help Shoreview restore its status as the city where citizens ‘get it 95% right’ in deciding what’s actually recyclable? Two top environmental educators untangle truth from fiction in this video.

Gramsie Road is Now Open!

Gramsie Road reopened to traffic on the afternoon of November 4th !! Please take care in driving as the speed limit through the 700 ft. temporarily-fixed section is 25 MPH. The fix does include a top layer of asphalt, which will be removed next spring when a stronger solution is put in place. The situation at Gramsie is under close watch by Public Works, with the help of a private surveying contractor.

Citywide Program Encourages Water Conservation

If ‘water is the new oil,’ as many experts suggest, could we do a better job of respecting its use? Are you a subscriber to the notion that ‘what gets measured gets done’? By rolling out a new WaterSmart program to all residents, city administrators are providing the opportunity to do both.

‘Public Works Proud’ in Shoreview

Shoreview’s 28-person Public Works department has a happy story to tell. Cost-effective innovation that matches Shoreview values has long been supported by the City Council. Hear more about them from Director Mark Maloney shared in this video of a March Environmental Quality Committee presentation.

Finding Political Peace on Thanksgiving Eve

Executive Summary:  Shoreview is filled with accomplished, intelligent & respectful people who care for their community, and I am proud to call it home.  If you were one of the 3,422 people who cast a vote for me in this year's city council election,  THANK YOU....

A Cross-Cutting Campaign

He is a devout Catholic and I am a practicing Lutheran. His college-aged kids are CSB/SJU Johnnies and my daughter is a Bethel University Royal. A financial services executive might not seem compatible with a good government activist. John Conlin and I may be on...