Help support John in his quest to serve the community.

While the Get Involved page tab covers many non-monetary methods a supporter can provide to bring success, financial contributions are a critical component for winning candidacies.

Campaigns for City Council are governed by Minnesota Statute 211A Campaign Financial Reporting.  This statute spells out requirements like the importance of keeping correct accounts of receipts and disbursements, annual contribution limits of an individual or political action committee to a candidate ($600 in an election year), and financial reporting guidelines, among other things.

As a CPA-Inactive who spent a number of years in the financial auditing field, John takes seriously the importance of maintaining appropriate the financial account & records stipulated by Statute 211A.

Given that assurance, the campaign hopes you believe any amount you might provide will be handled professionally, and spent wisely.

Yes, the reality of campaigns is such that one person’s name needs to attach to a campaign, but your sending even a $5 or $10 is the closest you can get to giving to a candidate for the sake of the Shoreview community.

Thank you for considering whether making a contribution is something that works for you.

John Hakes for Shoreview City Council