Amplify your support for this campaign by donating your time, talent or advice.

We realize how busy life can get each fall, but we know that ‘people power’ is how candidacies succeed. Thankfully at the local level, a candidate’s obtaining the ‘just consent of the governed’ doesn’t have to be complicated.  Effective support can range from supplying a name in casual conversation …  to hosting a yard sign…  to offering a few hours for getting out the vote… to arranging an introduction to an engaged voter or community stakeholder.

What is one word you might use to describe this candidacy during your next ‘Friends Night Out’ ?  Unless you’d like to come up with your own, John is proud to be called ‘substantive’– and in fact, he will work continuously to deserve this qualifier should you help elect him this November.

Because of the full life you lead– and in case you’re still thinking that a couple of votes for your candidates of choice is all you can muster this November– please consider participating John’s ‘pay it forward’ voting challenge, which is simply this:

Gather enough information to cast a vote for John, then contact at least one person directly with a reason for your support, asking her/him to do the same.

Finally, one of the most effective, yet subtle ways you can lend support to this effort is by offering words directly to John– be they words of encouragement, a recommendation, or an admonishment.  Whether John is able to reply to each piece of input or not, he’ll use every fragment of feedback received to shape his behavior going forward.

Thank you for the care you are continuing to show your community.

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