Why residents of Shoreview are supporting John

“John is a well-informed resident of our city and its history, strategic planning, and vision. His previous experience and strong public service record will serve him well in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities which will positively impact our city. I’m convinced he will work collaboratively and effectively with our mayor, other council members & administrators, and Shoreview residents.” Karlind Moller

Shoreview, Voting Precinct 1

“I’ve lived in Shoreview most of my life.  My father, Dick Wedell, was active in city politics for more than 20 years.  Like my dad, John Hakes possesses solid leadership skills and has a vision of continued prosperity for the City of Shoreview.  John exhibits these qualities in the many civic organizations he serves.  I am confident he will make an excellent addition to the City Council.  Please join me in voting for John Hakes in November.” Lisa Wedell Ueki

Shoreview, Voting Precinct 2

“John Hakes clearly cares about the community he lives in.  His friendly nature and clear communication have given many people the opportunity to hear John’s passion and get answers about the exciting new Shoreview library project.  John would be a great asset to residents of Shoreview as a member of the City Council.”

Melissa Thurston Casey

Shoreview, Voting Precinct 4

“It is my observation that John Hakes has slowly worked in various community roles to educate and prepare himself to handle the work of a City Council member. The work he’s done makes me confident he would be a quality representative for Shoreview residents.” John Conlin

Shoreview, Voting Precinct 3

In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate the approaches of candidates in local elections. John Hakes’ honest, pragmatic, and positive perspective about our community’s needs, along with his willingness to address the public’s concerns, sets him apart from other candidates.

With classroom sound amplification systems being a personal interest of mine, I can attest to John’s taking ‘listening’ to a new level. Not only has he supported my cause, he also saw that an acoustical system was factored in to the construction of the new library in Shoreview.

Please support John’s candidacy in the upcoming election for Shoreview City Council.

Jennifer Elton

Shoreview, Voting Precinct 5

“I appreciate conscientious citizens stepping up to serve their community. I know John to be fair and open-minded. He works hard, is knowledgeable about public policy, and will serve us well.” Mary Farquhar

Shoreview, Voting Precinct 6

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