Voting is the first act of creating community.

We all have interesting tales concerning our ancestors, if only we can find them.  One story about John’s great great grandfather Christopher highlights the kind of effort people once made to cast a vote.   As the first family member to call the U.S.  –and Minnesota–  home after the family’s hundred-year exile to Canada from colonial Connecticut for having Loyalist tendencies, the ‘last thing’ Christopher did was cast a vote at age 82, before falling from his buggy and dying shortly thereafter.

Anecdotes from the past often inform successive generations just ‘how good they’ve got it’.  While we have no idea who was even on the ballot on Election Day 1910, the dedication to voting Christopher Welton showed is inspiring.


New for Shoreview voters in 2016

While ‘no-excuse’ absentee voting has been law for two years, the upcoming election will be the first presidential one where people can vote without justifying their need to do so.  According to the City of Shoreview’s Elections Department, resident voters can vote absentee by mail or in person beginning September 23rd.  To start the absentee process or register to vote, please visit: City of Shoreview Elections.  For the first time, the no-excuse ballots will be directly available at Shoreview City Hall.

Voters in the southernmost section of Shoreview are affected by a change this year.  No longer are the P-1N and P-1S precincts in use, as they have merged into a larger P-1 precinct.  As part of the change, St. Odilia’s Catholic Church will no longer serve as a polling station, and all P-1 voters will be casting their ballots at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church on Victoria Street.  Shoreview’s revised voting precinct map can be located for download here: SV Precinct Map.

MN votes

For any additional information you might need to properly cast your vote, you might try visiting the Minnesota Secretary of State’s all-inclusive election site found at:  In addition to voter registration and absentee voting found on the City of Shoreview site, it also contains sample ballot lookups and specific polling station information by individual address.