Dear Friend,

‘You know it and I know it.’

Being able to call Shoreview home is a real privilege.  When Family Circle magazine named it one of the ‘10 Best Towns for Families’ in 2008, precious few were likely surprised.

On virtually every livability index, life in our city is pretty sweet.  Pleasant neighborhoods.  Clean commerce.  Cutting-edge industry.  Popular parks and trails.  Superb city amenities & services. Top-notch schools.  Shoreview’s got ‘em all.

Literally thousands of people deserve thanks for helping Shoreview become what it has– chief among them the elected officials, administrators and staff whose charge it is to make Shoreview run.

But just as with any family, it takes work for 27,000-plus residents to continue getting along.  Given the varied interests, means, roles & responsibilities possessed by the people in our city, the task is not always easy– especially when the strains of road & building construction are as present as they are now.

Should you award me with a seat on the city council this fall, here is my pledge to you:  I will tend to every piece of resident input, make inquiries on all items deliberated on, and strive to see issues from each angle put forth -—in hopes our residents can continue to get along– and help Shoreview stay one of the best places there are to be.

Thank you for stopping by my campaign page & your interest in the upcoming election for Shoreview City Council.

I sincerely hope to earn your vote.